Liver treatments using medicinal herbs, essential oils, and home remedies

The liver is responsible for renewing and revitalizing the human body. It is a complex organ that serves as the body's major blood reservoir, filtering out toxins at a rate of one quart of blood per minute. The liver manufactures bile that digests fats and prevents constipation, metabolizes proteins and carbohydrates, and secretes important hormones and enzymes.

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The whole family can benefit from jogging on the beach. Running, swimming, and other exercises help keep the liver in top shape.

In today's society, liver congestion is a common health problem. Herbs can help!

There are many causes of liver malfunction including pollution, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, poor diet, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, overeating, stress, hepatitis, inactive lifestyle, and long term use of antibiotics and tranquilizers.

Toxins weaken the liver.

Most Americans have weak livers due to the constant assault of toxins from food and water supplies. Thank God the liver can rejuvenate itself and continues to function even when eighty percent of its cells are damaged.

Symptoms of poor liver function

Symptoms of poor liver function include a tendency for constipation, alternating with diarrhea, a sluggish system, abdominal bloating, menstrual disorders, itchy palms, unexplained skin problems, bags under the eyes, inflamed eyes, depression, anemia, unexplained weight gain, poor digestion, food allergies, nausea, dizziness, dry tongue, jaundiced skin, and liver spots (dark areas on the skin).

Keep liver healthy by getting daily exercise.

A healthy liver depends on a healthy diet and exercise. Low fat foods with high fiber, lots of vegetables, plenty of fresh fruits, potassium rich foods like greens, enzyme rich foods like yogurt and sauerkraut, and sulfur rich foods like onions and garlic will help ensure a healthy liver. The liver also needs lots of oxygen so daily exercise and fresh, clean air are essential.

Dandelion and yellowroot are good liver tonics.

There are two north Georgia plants that are especially suited for treating liver problems. Yellowroot and dandelion make a powerful blend that restores liver function, promotes bile flow, and acts like a gentle laxative.

Yellowroot and dandelion spring tonic

The Cherokee Indians and early settlers prepared “yeller" root and dandelion spring tonic for curing the body of “winter blues.” This strong tea was known to boost energy and improve overall health.

Use milk thistle seed and other herbs to improve liver function.

Other herbs that improve liver function -- and gallbladder health -- are milk thistle seed, turmeric, chamomile, cardamom, burdock root, vervain, barberry, licorice, barley grass, ginger, ginkgo biloba, garlic, yellow dock, ginseng, alfalfa, astragalus, evening primrose, and fennel seed.

Use bergamot essential oil when treating Fatty Liver Disease

Bergamot essential oil has been shown to lower cholesterol and help the liver recover from fatty liver disease. This is really good news!

Detox with a 24 hour cleanse to promote liver health.

Sometimes the liver needs to be detoxified. A three day detoxification process is recommended for anyone that wants to experience better health. Start off each morning with a large glass of water and lemon juice. Throughout the day, drink herbal teas, green drinks, vegetable juices, and snack on fresh fruits. Fresh veggies (especially organic artichokes), bean sprouts, tofu, whole grains, wheat germ, and brewer's yeast should be consumed at meal time. Cut out sugar, meat, dairy products, all forms of tobacco, and alcohol during the liver cleanse. If not a three day cleanse, then at least do a 24 detox cleanse every few months.

The liver is an amazing organ.

A healthy liver boosts immunity, neutralizes and destroys poisons, cleans the blood, discharges wastes, metabolizes fats and cholesterol, stores red blood cells, aids digestion, maintains hormonal balance, and regenerates its own damaged tissues. Who could ask for more?

* Always consult with a healthcare professional before using any herbal remedy.

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